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Apartment Rosa Dei Venti


Il Tempo

Partly Cloudy


Partly Cloudy
Humidity: 76%
Wind: WSW at 2.49 K/H
SP_WEATHER_DI 7.78°C , 15°C Partly Cloudy
SP_WEATHER_WO 5.56°C , 15°C Scattered Thunderstorms
SP_WEATHER_DO 7.22°C , 16.67°C Partly Cloudy
SP_WEATHER_VR 8.33°C , 15.56°C Scattered Showers
SP_WEATHER_ZA 10°C , 15.56°C Partly Cloudy
SP_WEATHER_ZO 10°C , 15.56°C Scattered Showers
SP_WEATHER_MA 10.56°C , 16.67°C Partly Cloudy

Who we are

A happy family of Giuseppe (from Sardinia) and Raymonde (from Holland), Mawar the dog and Tita the cat.
Giuseppe is a passionate cook and loves to take care of his guests with a lovely breakfast which will astonish you.
We absolutely speak English!